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I danno...

You REALLY need to say this is YOUR idea of his childhood.
Link was left at the Deku Tree by his mother, Gannondorf didn't kidnap him and saria didn't find him lol
You put Deku Seeds in the sling shot, not Deku Nuts.
And Link didn't even have the Triforce of courage untill he opened the doors of time (the triforce disbanded when Gannondorf tried to claim it).

The over all animation didn't seem to bad, but what the hell happened to those guys who were attacking Saria? lol

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I was truly amazed at that, I've seen very little animations as good as that. You told a story that completely sucked me in, I couldn't look away.
The animation was completely fluid, the music was brilliant and it was an AWESOME flash overall, perfect 10.

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I have no problem with the amount of stuff goin on: I just watched it three times. :P

Great piece of work.

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I honestly can not wait for the full. It's really quite good.

The music and style, in fact, the overall feel of the game was a nostalgic blast to the past for me, back to the days of wolfenstien 3D lol.

I consider my computer to be on the lower end, and this game lagged up lots for me. I was able to deal with it, I just needed very precise timing.

In my short time playing it, only two things brought this game down:
1) I really, really hope you do not intend to stick with that menu design.
2) The trees took crazy long to blow away. Can you even blow them away? I gave up after 30 rounds with the machine gun.

A suggestion I would make would be to make it in smaller regions, i.e you start in a room, go down the corridor, blow up some stuff, get the key, proceed to the next room and it loads a little. I think it's not the graphics that lag up computers, but the fact that you have EVERYTHING playing at once, like too many processes running in the background.

All in all, I feel this will make into a great game, well done.


I was too short. The graphics were bad. I felt the controls were sloppy, which was another problem: No instructions.

Why is this boy floating through the sky holding a weird saucer thing shooting seagulls with his light beam?

But as a joke made in 4 hours, it was alright. Intriguing enough to make me play it twice lol.

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Got all the medals, nuff said.

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He stuffs semen?

This is an alright track, really helps one to think.

I huge let down (I considered it to be anyway) was the voice, it fully destroyed the mood of the music.

On a lesser note, it also sounds like he's saying "I stuff semen"... xD


broove responds:

Haha.. that was actually funny.
This is a long time ago track, made, I believe, in 1-2 hours without any processing. The guy doesn't even know that I took his voice and put it in a song.
But you're right, latvian "pastasti man" sounds exactly like "I stuff semen" in english. Here in Latvia we laugh about that all the time.

Thanks for a review, man ;)


I think it is fine that you stay on the depressing music, you seem to have a nice way of causing the listener to empathize with the music.

Once again however, it does seem like this song could have more.


broove responds:

It definately could have more, but this song is rather old and it's all I could come up with at that time. + I'm bitching about depressing music, yet I continue to make it even now. Kinda weird.

Thanks for listening


I love this song, the piano at the end really has a final fantasy feel to it (in my opinion anyway).

This song really pulls out allot of emotions for me. I would like to make an animation based solely on this piece of music, but alas, I'm not very good at animation.

Great piece but like said, it ends too early. While the loop is nice, there is too much of a gap between beginning and end to make it a really good loop.

Hope to see more outstanding work from you,

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broove responds:

First of all, this is a song not a loop, it wasn't meant to be looped continuously... that's that. But I'm really glad you feel that way about the song. Btw, noone is good at doing things at first - you have to practice.
I hope to see more outstanding work from myself aswell.

Thanks for another review, man. I appreciate that ;)

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While it is indeed awesome, and your designs do seem great.

I like the color scheme of your wallpapers ect. Just my opinion.

Crack up.

Epic title man, I love the coloring, how do you color like that, I'd really like to know so I can improve on the art I do :)

Any help appreciated, great work man :)

MasterFury responds:

Its a very helpful tutorial


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